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Weight loss

"Improved Metabolism: I had heard of this in the infrared saunas, but was very pleasantly surprised to see it was actually true. I had personally noticed fat loss and increased energy from our Far North Wellness infrared sauna as well as sleeping better. I decided to run functional medicine testing to confirm this and found my basic metabolic rate had actually increased. "

- Dr. Mike Nowazek-President Alberta Naturopathic Practioners (2000-2007)

Weight Loss and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Sweating away those calories, slimming that waist line and helping with weight loss has never been easier than relaxing in a Saunaguru Far Infrared Sauna. Not only will you be increasing your metabolism but you will also be detoxifying your body of toxic chemicals and substances such as lead, zinc, nickel and mercury that have been absorbed, inhaled or ingested into your body.

While you are relaxing in a Saunaguru Far Infrared Sauna the heat generated is being absorbed deep into the body. There is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate while using a Saunaguru Far Infrared Sauna. Because our body expends energy to produce sweat (1g sweat requires 0.586 kcal), this means that your body can safely burn up to 300 to 500 calories in just one 30 minute session; with sweat loss equivalent to running 10­15km. As an added benefit, your basal metabolic rate rises meaning you will burn calories at an elevated rate for hours after your session has finished. This can translate to a benefit of up to 800 calories from a single session. With all that said, engaging in 30 minutes of exercise at least 3­5 times per week and eating a well­balanced diet is still part of a healthy lifestyle and should not be solely replaced by using a Far Infrared Sauna for weight loss!

It decreases fat stored (lipophilic) toxins. Often weight loss cannot be accomplished unless these toxins are first removed. This benefit was recognized in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association as long ago as August 1981: "Many of us who run do so to place a demand on our cardiovascular system, not to build big leg muscles. Regular use of a Sauna imparts a similar stress on the cardiovascular system, and its regular use may be as effective, a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning of calories, as regular exercise."

In the new issue of In Touch, an insider reveals to the magazine that Rachel Frederickson who won The Biggest Loser ­ attritbutes her gaunt look and dramatic 155­lb. weight loss to frequenting an infrared sauna. You go Girl!

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