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Infrared Sauna Guru is a a well respected and highly recommended American Sauna Company, owned and operated by sauna specialists based in California. Our company started years ago as a sauna parts supply business. You can find us online: We currently stock and supply infrared heaters, wiring harnesses, controls and other auxiliary parts for over 500 different infrared sauna models.

Click here to see the staggering list of infrared sauna companies. We stock and service parts for all infrared sauna brands, so we understand what works and what doesn't. We tend to favor selling parts that work. It makes our job easier.

Most of these companies are no longer in business. So we have sourced these parts from the actual heater and electronics manufacturers that these sauna firms used initially. In some cases we have had to redesign and manufacture newer style electronics and heaters for some models, because we found the older components sub­standard and sadly, what many companies are trying to represent as quality today is actually not.