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Sauna Guru Heaters

All of our saunas use our exclusive Ultra Carbon high output infrared heaters. Our advanced heater design produces infrared heat at the optimal wavelengths. Our heaters are actually manufactured in the same facilities and with the same specifications as heaters used in many of the more expensive home and commercial saunas on the market today. Our heaters are made side by side with theirs. We then utilize a thicker substrate (Ultra) than most commercially rated heaters, so the output, durability and longevity of our heaters is increased substantially. You will not find a better performing heater, anywhere. Infrared testing has shown that our heaters output more infrared heat per square inch and are rated at 96% infrared output (emmissivity). Heater placement is critical, so we have designed our heater placement to achieve optimal angle and incidence and dispersement for the human body. Sitting with our heaters all around you, the necessary infrared heat for maximum benefit is realized.