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Our Difference

SaunaGuru is a premier sauna company committed to designing and building the highest quality and most effective infrared saunas available today. Through volume materials sourcing, computer controlled inventory and manufacturing systems, we can offer a superior product at an affordable price. Combining state of the art electrical engineering, wood working craftsmanship and efficient logistics allows us to produce and deliver a product without equal. Our sauna designs are based on the latest infrared research coupled with exacting certifications and testing standards for your safety. SaunaGuru infrared saunas go through the following testing parameters so you can be confident when you purchase one of our saunas.

EMFR Testing- (Electro Magnetic Field Radiation) Many doctors and health experts now advise limiting human exposure to EMFR. Our saunas have been tested and certified to be low EMF. View Study

VOC Testing- (Volatile Organic Compounds) Items such as glues, lacquers, vinyls and other products can emit toxins, especially when heated, including formaldehyde, methane, benzene, styrene and more. Exposure to various VOC's has been shown to cause cancer. All SaunaGuru products are certified to be free of VOCs....View test results

Emitter Output Testing (Spectral Analysis) We are one of the only companies to utilize a third party laboratory to test and certify the output of the heaters used in our products. For far infrared emitters to work properly the output wavelength should stay between 5-14 microns with the majority being around the 9.4 – 9.8 micron level View Spectral Analysis

Electrical Approval Worldwide- (Using Intertek (ETL) services) Saunaguru products meet and exceed worldwide electrical standards, including ETL/ CSA standards, for products sold in North America.