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Infrared Sauna Dome

InfraredSaunaGuru is proud to present the Guru Zero EMF True Wave Carbon/Ceramic Organic Infrared Sauna Dome. is a solo sauna dome comprised of two lightweight parts. Unlike usual infrared saunas, dome is made of high-quality thick fabric material.

This sauna dome is equipped with modern ceramic/carbon zero EMF infrared heaters. Laying down in sauna dome promotes effective body exposure to the FIR waves. The distance to dome walls is quite small, so infrared waves absorption is deep. You will sweat up to 3 or 4 times more! Dome is good for weight loss and detoxifying programs. Also, the heat range in dome is lower comparing to conventional saunas, it warms your body gently and is safer.

Sauna dome is perfect for people who want to have the sauna at home but are tight in space. Since it is easy to set up, maintain and store the dome, you may keep it in the closet or just put it in any available corner of your home.

Sauna dome Single Digital Controller is an easy-to-use feature through which you may set up the timer and temperature. This sauna dome includes full body size waterproof mat and the upper dome has small wheel rollers (this construction facilitates ease entry and exit). We offer 7-years/lifetime warranty on this product.