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EMFR Testing (Electro Magnetic Field Radiation)

Many doctors and experts are advising to avoid exposure to levels of 3mG or higher. Infrared Sauna Guru was the only company that met this standard.... View test results

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Items such as glues, lacquers, vinyls and other products can emit toxic gases especially when heated such as formaldehyde, methane, benzene, styrene and more. Exposure to various VOC's has been shown to cause cancer and various other ailments. All Far North Wellness products are certified to be free of VOCs....View test results

Emitter Output Testing (Spectral Analysis)

One of the only companies to hire a third party laboratory to test and certify the output of the heaters used in our products. For Far infrared therapy to work properly the output must stay between 5-14 microns with the majority being around the 9.4 micron level....View test results

Electrical Approval Worldwide (Using Intertek (ETL) services)

Saunaguru products meet and exceed worldwide electrical standards including CSA standards for sale in North America.

BBB Rated

Adhereance to business ethics, codes and guidelines. (Without a single complaint.)

Insurance on All products

$2,000,000 (highest in the industry)