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About Us

InfraredSaunaGuru is a well-respected and highly recommended American Infrared Sauna Company, owned and operated by sauna specialists based in California. Our company started years ago as a sauna parts supply in the business. You can find us online: we currently stock and supply infrared heaters, wiring harnesses, controls and other auxiliary parts for over 1000 different infrared sauna models/brands.

We stock and service parts for all infrared sauna brands, so we understand what works and what doesn't, we tend to favor selling parts that work. It makes our job easier.

Most of these companies are no longer in business, so we have sourced these parts from the actual heater and electronics manufacturers that these infrared sauna firms used initially. In some cases, we have had to redesign and manufacture newer style electronics and heaters for some models, because we found the older components sub­standard and sadly, what many companies are trying to represent as quality today is actually not.

Many of our parts customers kept asking us if we could supply them with complete infrared saunas. They needed one for a friend or relative and were happy with our service and expertise. We sourced a few infrared saunas here and there and then a few more until we noticed we were selling almost as many infrared saunas as we were parts. Eventually, another company was born to provide not just a infrared sauna, but a infrared sauna backed by our years of field testing and experience. Our name came from one of our customers who exclaimed, "You guys are my infrared sauna gurus!" This was after we got his broken infrared sauna up and running (the infrared sauna had been sitting idle for years).

At InfraredSaunaGuru, we use the exact same heating technologies found in name brand infrared saunas selling for thousands more. We back these infrared saunas with our knowledge and expertise from our service division. Our central idea was to find a way that would allow our customers to experience the same effects of the more expensive infrared saunas at a fraction of the cost. We provide durable and therapeutic infrared saunas that can be modified to be used either indoor/outdoor in a residential, clinical or commercial setting.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about infrared, infrared heaters, controls, types of woods, and infrared saunas in general. Please give us a call or send us an email should you have any questions. We have amassed a wealth of information over the years. Just ask; the InfraredSaunaGuru's

90-Day Risk Free Infrared Sauna Trial Offer by InfraredSaunaGuru

InfraredSaunaGuru takes the risk out of owning an infrared sauna! We are excited to introduce our 90-Day Risk Free Infrared Sauna Trial Offer.
Purchasing your infrared sauna from InfraredSaunaGuru is completely risk and hassle free! If you are not completely satisfied with your infrared sauna purchase or service - for any reason whatsoever, simply let us know within 90 days - (in writing) and we will make it right for you! You may return your infrared sauna in the same condition as it was received and we will promptly issue a refund minus a restocking fee.

Why Can We Make Such an Outstanding Offer?

InfraredSaunaGuru has without question a product that boasts the following:

  • High-grade quality craftsmanship
  • Superior efficiency
  • Quality Cabinetry
  • Highest Standard Electronic Components
  • State of the Art Far Infrared Heating Technology
  • Curative Tool with Dozens of Health Benefits: increase the quality of your life and health!
  • BEST Customer Service

InfraredSaunaGuru is committed to surpassing your expectations with every order. Our first priority is Total Customer Satisfaction. We focus on giving you the quality, selection, value and outstanding professional service that you deserve thus making you a customer for life! That is our promise to you.

Frankly – NO ONE HAS EVER RETURNED an infrared sauna purchased from InfraredSaunaGuru! We believe you will love your new infrared sauna, however if for any reason you do not, just give us a call and we will make it right!

Returns Policy is within 90 days (if your infrared sauna is in route to you and or delivered and you no longer wish to keep it). Please be aware there will be a 25% restocking fee, plus the cost incurred to ship the sauna to you as well as the cost for returning the sauna. A 5% transaction processing fee will be charged for any cancellation that occurs after the day of order whether the order has shipped or not. A Cleaning/Repair fee may also apply. Customer must pay cost of shipping both ways (shipping cost to the customer and shipping cost back to our warehouse even if there is free shipping offered at the time the order is placed). Any return or cancellation must be received in writing prior to coordinating the return pick up.

Have questions about this amazing infrared sauna offer? Please contact our customer service department at 855-551-GURU(4878). Place your no-risk order now. We will confirm your order details at once by email. Our secure SSL servers use 128-bit encryption (just like the banks) to keep your information safe. In addition, we promise never to share your information with anyone.